why singapore server best
Why Singapore is the best location in Asia to host your website?

Singapore is one of the most widely known technological hubs in the world. The fact that such a small country can host this kind of technology makes it more marvellous. Even some of the biggest tech giants hold their headquarters in this country. The technological infrastructure in this country is world-class, it is far more ahead than the rest of the asian countries. Therefore it is obvious that Singapore has the best technology regarding web hosting in Asia. The web hosting sector in Singapore does not only serve the country but other countries in Asia Pacific too. Singapore alone comprises of 54% capacity of data centres in the whole of south-east Asia. The stats from the report by Cushman & Wakefield places Singapore on the number one spot among the list of 10 Asian countries for data center location. It is not only technology that is responsible for making Singapore the best location in Asia to host your website, but other things like the speedy recovery of the country in cases of natural disasters. Singapore is ranked Number one in the ease of doing business category. Here are a list of detailed reasons why Singapore is the best location in Asia to host your website.

The location of the server

One of the most important benefits of web hosting in Singapore is a strategic location of the server. This is a boon for the companies who serve in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to the technology in Singapore being more modern and faster than the others, The visitors for your website will have a faster and smoother experience in browsing your website. Even the countries which are located in the United States have chosen Singapore for web hosting due to this.

Affordable prices

The web hosting companies in Singapore offer inexpensive web hosting packages. The price range for these packages start from around $5 to $10 which is extremely inexpensive when compared to others. Therefore even for small businesses, Singapore is an ideal place. The people who have much higher requirements like, a fully managed VPS or Dedicated server, also get decent offers for their requirements. Although these plans cost much more than the other basic ones, they are still inexpensive when compared to others for web hosting.

More features

To cope up with the competition, almost every company in Singapore is now offering additional features like unmetered bandwidth, a domain name, and a site builder for free even in their most basic and inexpensive plans. This move has also attracted more companies to host in Singapore as they don’t have to pay for purchasing the additional features.

Customer support

Among the most important things for web hosting is the customer support which is highly effective and efficient in Singapore. It is active 24/7 and on all the 365 days. The service is very responsive and helpful. When your website starts receiving increased number of visitors, it adds to the traffic and in times like these the companies in Singapore have know to have a good reputation for customer support. They assure the clients that they can sit back and relax once they say that they will take care of it. The customer support staff is very knowledgeable regarding the problems your website might have.

User friendliness

Many people who want to start hosting their own website lack the technical knowledge about designing the website. For these people, web hosting companies in Singapore help the user to create a website that is professional looking. As mentioned earlier, the companies in Singapore include a web builder even in their most basic packages and plans, which helps almost anyone in creating a website along with other external web applications, so that your website can be up and running as soon as possible.

The Security

The web hosting companies in Singapore has made security their top priority. Almost every company offers backups (weekly or instant) and email accounts which are POP3 type. This feature helps many companies which require to set up different email accounts for their employees. The company can then have a communication system which is more efficient. Since the web hosting companies include this in their packages, you don’t need to hire an additional professional web content developer.
For the above mentioned reasons Singapore stands on top for web hosting in Asia.
The server location is perfect for Asian countries as it allows the companies to reach out to their consumers in the whole Asia pacific region. The packages and plans are also cheaper with better service which makes web hosting in Singapore highly cost-effective. The companies in Singapore also have huge additional discounts if you choose long-term plans and decide to pay annually. There are more payment options too like half-yearly payment, quarter-yearly payment and monthly. The longer plan you choose, the more discount you get. So to sum it up, Singapore already has cheap prices and on top of that you can get additional discounts, how cool is that? The security and customer support is also top class. If you don’t know much about hosting a website, they will help you out in that matter too. All of this makes Singapore a much better option for web hosting that others.